Røvær Aquaculture Centre – an ocean of opportunities

Learn more at the Røvær Aquaculture Centre about Norway as a seafood nation and the way we have developed into a world leader for producing farmed salmon. Did you know, for instance, that a lorry fully loaded with salmon rolls over the Norwegian frontier every 10 minutes, day in and day out, all year round?

Fish farming is a large and important business along our coast, and you can become familiar with this modern industry at the aquaculture centre. You’ll also get to know the tiny creatures, seabirds and fish which flourish around Røvær.

The exhibition is compact and provides an easy-to-understand introduction to big and exciting subjects such as aquaculture, history, the environment and natural conditions. Interactive screens provide in-depth information, games and activities.


Play “Happy Salmon” and take the aquaculture quiz
Watch the film Under the Surface
Visit the aquariums at nearby Tranhuset
Take the interests and vocational test and find your ideal fish-farming job
Take an excursion to the fish farm

Practical information


Visiting the exhibition centre is FREE OF CHARGE
An excursion by rigid inflatable (RIB) costs NOK 100 per person regardless of age.*
Family discount for up to four people: NOK 200.

* The lower age limit for visiting the fish farm is five years. Children aged five to 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Opening hours

April-30 September: 10.00-18.00 (other times are bookable)
October-April: booking required.

Getting there – transport

Fast ferries run between the Inner Quay (Indre kai) in Haugesund and Røvær several times a day throughout the year. The trip takes 25 minutes.

The Røvær Aquaculture Centre is only a short walk from the quay, easily accessible for prams/pushchairs and wheelchairs. Check fast-ferry times at Kolumbus.no.

Check fast-ferry times at Kolumbus.no

Refreshments and accommodation

The convenience store in Røvær is open six days a week and some Sundays.
The cafe at Sjøhuset near the aquaculture centre is open daily during the school holidays. Sjøhuset has a Sunday cafe from May to September, and is open on Saturdays with simple refreshments in the same period.

Røvær Kulturhotell is open for individual guests in the summer months. Contact the hotel for bookings. Accommodation is provided for groups in the autumn, winter and spring.

Fish farm excursion

What actually happens at a fish farm? Take a trip out in a rigid inflatable and experience one of Norway’s most forward-looking industries at close hand.

Røvær Fjordbruk’s salmon cages are just a short boat ride from the Røvær quay. Our guided tour takes you to the edge of the cages to see how the salmon live. Read more about feeding, equipment, technology and production. Perhaps you’ll be able to help feed the fish.

The guide will take you on an exciting round trip by rigid inflatable, allowing you to get a close look at what happens out on the farm.

Practical information

Duration: the excursion takes about an hour
Price: NOK 100 per person. Families with up to four members: NOK 200
Equipment: visitors can borrow drysuits, shoes and lifejackets.

The lower age limit for visiting the fish farm is five years. Children aged five to 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Visit Tranhuset

Study fish up close. Tranhuset is close the aquaculture centre and has an outdoor area open to the general public. This contains two aquariums housing fish, crabs and other interesting marine creatures. Learn more about life in the sea.

Laboratory and workshop

Tranhuset provides good indoor working conditions for visiting school parties, including its own “lab” with microscope, carpentry bench and informative posters. The building has a changing room for people heading out to visit the fish farm and a small workshop where pupils can build their own things. At times, the interior with carpentry bench and microscope will be open to the public. It can also be opened for visitor groups on request.

Røvær Fjordbruk

Proximity to good fishing grounds has attracted people to Røvær for thousands of years. Aquaculture has been pursued there since 1997, when Røvær Fiskefarm began farming halibut.

The company secured a licence to farm salmon in 2002, and changed its name to Røvær Fjordbruk. It is now a subsidiary of Alsaker Fjordbruk, which ranks as one of Norway’s leading salmon producers and is based at Onarheim in Tysnes a little further north.

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